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2017December 13. : Roasted Garlic Chicken!

Shop in the popular chicken cooked in garlic oil takeaway!
Christmas dip?
It is available for reservation now!
2017December 8th. : Today's featured pasta!

~ Featured pasta ~
Scallops and potato Genova
Today is a start!
Thank you.
2017年11月24日 : This is a lunch of pasta?

This is a lunch of pasta!
Spaghetti with shrimp and avocado
Tomato cream sauce
It is rare in our tomato cream sauce!
2017年11月17日 : Tottori × Okayama restaurant fair!

Allows to Tottori beef salad

Okayama Prefecture pork stocks-irrelevant-the peperoncino with homemade bacon and cabbage

Tottori mellow red wine are available!
2017年11月17日 : Beaujolais season!

Beaujolais season was ~!
Please enjoy the new red wine!

Ginza Italy Pavilion dedication

Thorough attention to materials, is wholeheartedly spared no pains.

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