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201711-7 pm : It turns a lunch today!

Jigozen in Hiroshima Prefecture Gratin of oysters and eggplant

Peperoncino with Bacon and mushrooms
This provides the peperoncino with fresh oysters and popular!
2017On October 30th. : Italy's new season!

10/30, ban! One step ahead of France, is the arrival of Italy. In a limited quantity available from the glass!
2017In October 27. : Featured lunch!

Featured lunch!
2017In October 6th. : Shine Muscat tart

From the dinner of the day only 3 days!
With shine Muscat tart vanilla ice cream-is supported by Nagano Prefecture-
2017In October, 4. : Fall menu!

Featured menu start of autumn!
We offer, such as pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms!

Ginza Italy Pavilion dedication

Thorough attention to materials, is wholeheartedly spared no pains.

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