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2018年4月2日 : Organized in the tomato Chair!

Pizza < fweight fsize span bbox_x = "198" bbox_y = "1530" bbox_w = "68" bbox_h = "24" = "16" = "3" red = "51" green = "51" blue = "51" alpha = "255" >"Pomodoro"

Dry shrimp with tomato very peperoncino

Swordfish cutlets tomato very salsakecca
2018March, 23rd. : Lunch

Today's lunch
Mozzarella cheese with chicken cacciatora
~ Chicken with seasonal vegetables and fettuccine with tomato sauce-
2018年2月21日 : Recommended for lunch!
Lunch & pasta is!

Crab cream croquette and mixed fried Neapolitan sauce

Spaghetti with salt lemon flavor of the smoked chicken and cabbage
2018On January 17. : Lunch & pasta

Curry House-Italy

Peperoncino with Silas and Lotus root
From today we offer!
2017年12月27日 : Recommended spaghetti lunch

Lunch of pasta!
Spaghetti with tomato sauce with prosciutto and pecorino cheese
It is a popular ham!

Ginza Italy Pavilion dedication

Thorough attention to materials, is wholeheartedly spared no pains.

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